India Couture Week 2014

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sjips is so dead and alsipsy/shatfilms is growing stronger and more powerful as we speak

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Nick Pulls Korra Off the Air After Episode 8 This Friday


According to NickandMore, Nickelodeon has pulled the last 5 scheduled new airings of “Legend of Korra” for Book 3. Episode 8 will air this Friday the 25th at 8pm, but then there are no further scheduled new airings. No word yet on when the episodes will air.

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Was digging through my old work folder and came across these rough comps from last summer. They were originally going to be shown at a theme-park gallery run by a company that rhymes with “Bisney”. Needless to say, there was some weirdness with contract stuff and the project fell through. Thought it would be fun to share these anyhow!

"rough comps"

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Pixiv ID: 31498100
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she said in a breathless voice

another powerpuff crossover :P